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The Marian Chapel Triptych

The Marian Chapel Triptych

A collaborative project with Scott DeWaard of  Walland, TN.

Scott made the case units with the intarsia vines along the bases, and I did the carved panels. We worked in our own studios and brought our pieces for installation at the All Saints Catholic Church in Knoxville TN. It is placed in the Marian Chapel. You can see the  progress of the carving part of the three panels in this 8 min. video .

Left panel: Young Mary with her toddler son, Jesus.

Center panel: Virgen de Guadalupe

Right panel: Older Mary at the foot of the Cross

Materials: Case: oak (solid and veneers), figured maples, mahogany, wenge, lighting.    Carvings: basswood, alder, oak veneered panels, acrylic paints, glazing, transfer gold leaf.

Dimensions: (h x w x d )  9′ x 9′ x 22″

Year Made: 2014

Sarasvati Devi

Sarasvati Devi

The Hindu goddess of  intellect and the arts, Sarasvati, is the inspiration behind this commissioned project. My Client, an aficionado of Indian classical music, and his wife visit India regularly and return with beautiful paintings, sculptures and handicrafts. As a multicultural family their sensibilities transcend religious and ethnic boundaries. During the design and research process we all talked about the numerous attributes associated with Sarasvati. The ones that seemed the most significant to us are portrayed in this project. A few of those are the color white for purity, her serene posture and expression, her connection to water/river (life source), the swan (discerns between right and wrong and is her vehicle) and the peacock (heralds her message). The objects she holds in her hands represent intellect, spirituality and culture. And, of course, the omnipresence of the divine lotus flower…. across cultures for millenia.

This relief carving is mounted within a frame and  hung on the wall of the client’s Atlanta  home in the US.

Material: Linden wood, transfer gold leaf, paint

Dimensions:  ( h x w x d) 48″x 52″x 4″

Year made:   2013

The Opera Project – Queen of the Night

The Opera Project - Queen of the Night

A silversmith’s vision brings together a woodworker and a painter to collaborate in The Opera Project.

Queen of the Night from the opera The Magic Flute is the first piece in the series of  seven.  Above you can see how all three artisans’ work come together in one piece. You can view here a video depicting the stages in the making of the neck-piece that hangs in this triptych.

NY silversmith, Jennifer Townsend, who envisioned the series, asked me, in GA, to design and build the stages to house her neck-pieces. Sheena Graham-George is a painter, mixed-media and paper artist who has collaborated with Jen on a previous project. Sheena lives in the Orkney Isles, Scotland,  UK.

Material: curly maple, poplar,veneers: figured maple,walnut,  gold-leaf,   paint, LED flex tape lights, piano hinges.
Dimensions (h x w x d): 44″ x 46″ x 8″
Year Made: 2012

Please view The Opera Project – Preamble for the vision behind this series.

Lotus Room Divider

Lotus Room Divider

The Lotus is one of my favorite aquatic flowers. It has been venerated in ancient cultures where it  thrived ; Ancient Egypt and the Indian subcontinent to name a few. Carving organic forms, especially the delicacy of flowers, lends a challenge to my interpretations in wood as a material. This project employs both low and ‘medium’ relief carving as in the upper and lower panels, and in-the-round (3-D) carving as in the two flowers.   A great project that met the clients wishes.

Material: Carved cherry, curly cherry veneer, textured glass
Dimensions (h x w x d): 82 x 72 x 4
Year Made: 2008

Wall Coat Rack with Drape

Wall Coat Rack with Drape

Matching the Demi-lune with mirror,  this wall coat rack has been the beginning of many linen fold projects; replicated at times ( not identically, of course) and an element of design requested by several clients.

Material: curly maple, walnut
Dimensions (h x w x d): 32 x 30 x 3
Year Made: 1991

Emerald Snake

Emerald Snake

Pythons  grow to be several feet in beautiful colorful lengths. The patio and pergola where this emerald ten-feet creature hangs  is  luxuriant in greenery; creeping vines, orchids, succulents and shading trees ….. occasionally some humans do enjoy it’s company!

I will add a few in-progress pics. on FB.  It was quite a process where, as always, I learned a lot.

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