Nature enthusiasts, tree lovers, my clients wanted “out-doors to come in”. I bought rough buck-eye boards, milled and built up the several layers that could be disassembled…in all, maybe 13 pieces, joining each before carving.  Almost all the work was done using  the band-saw and the two Arbortech power carvers. Only some areas were worked with hand tools.   I built a replica wall in my studio so the studs positioning dictated where the branches touched the wall  and where the screws and plugs would go.  Site work which included coats of water-based finish, with an assistant one day and solo work for three, heralded the resting of the two white birds ( client’s collection) on a cozy branch…not too far from an otherwise indifferent black snake!

Material: buckeye, dyes
Dimensions (h x w x d): 96 x 156 x 13
Year Made: 2003

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