The Marian Chapel Triptych

A collaborative project with Scott DeWaard of  Walland, TN.

Scott made the case units with the intarsia vines along the bases, and I did the carved panels. We worked in our own studios and brought our pieces for installation at the All Saints Catholic Church in Knoxville TN. It is placed in the Marian Chapel. You can see the  progress of the carving part of the three panels in this 8 min. video .

Left panel: Young Mary with her toddler son, Jesus.

Center panel: Virgen de Guadalupe

Right panel: Older Mary at the foot of the Cross

Materials: Case: oak (solid and veneers), figured maples, mahogany, wenge, lighting.    Carvings: basswood, alder, oak veneered panels, acrylic paints, glazing, transfer gold leaf.

Dimensions: (h x w x d )  9′ x 9′ x 22″

Year Made: 2014

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