The idea for “Entrance” has been forming for years. Reflections on my cultural heritage are leading my artwork towards surface designs and the mythical and cultural elements of the South-Asian sub continent.

In my interpretation the snake represents a passive observer, sometimes a protector, but never a threat. A mirror seems a fascinating ‘canvas’ to not only explore self-observation but the uneasy sense that something, or someone, may only exist within it’s realm and not behind us as we look in.

Naga—serpent, cobra—is looking at you looking at yourself; and an ambivalence towards her is born in the traditions of ancient and modern civilizations, pagan and Gnostic. To many she represents longevity, transformation, and promise of good fortune and protection—when given the reverence she deserves.

Material: maples, walnut, xerox transfers, cloth, mirrors
Dimensions (h x w x d): 30x12x9
Year Made: 2004

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